Ready to Join a group?

We learn in rows, but grow in circles. Groups at Traders Point are a necessary part of our spiritual growth. We always ask two important questions in groups: “What is God saying to you through His Word? How will you respond?”

We all need this kind of accountability in our lives.

At Traders Point, groups help you feel connected. In a big church, you don’t need to know everyone; you just need to know someone. Groups provide that opportunity.

Groups help facilitate spiritual growth. We’re not just getting together to have social hour, but groups are where we actually dig in.

Groups help give us protection. If you’re just listening to your own wisdom, it’s not wisdom. We need people we love and trust, through groups, who will help us stay on the right path.

Groups help encourage you to stay in the fight. We are all discouraged about something. Groups help us stay encouraged and keep going.