Traders Point Kids

Discipleship happens best in the context of relationship. This is why we place such a high emphasis on being involved in a group at Traders Point. Groups at Traders Point are a necessary part of spiritual growth for adults, teens, and kids.

No one has the potential to influence a kid like a parent. At the same time, a parent is not the only influence a kid needs.

In Traders Point Kids, preschool and elementary kids are placed in a group with consistent peers and leader(s) from week to week. This helps create a safe space for them to learn about Jesus and be known by others.

In their group, kids have fun together, learn from a large group Bible message, and then process what they're learning with their peers. An intentional and consistent group leader invests in their faith development each week. This group leader’s purpose is to connect with kids and their parents to help them take their next step in their relationship with Jesus.

Significant learning only happens where there is significant relationship. With Traders Point Kids groups, we hope your kid experiences a high level of engagement, a sense of belonging, a predictable and safe environment, and the chance to feel known and accepted in a loving community.