We want you to know that you are a huge priority for us, so we have created ways we can stay connected in this season. Join our online community!

Summer isn't canceled! 

We're excited to let you know that we're planning on holding CIY MIX and CIY MOVE both onsite at Traders Point Northwest* and fully online on June 22-23 and June 25-26.

Check out tpcc.org/summer-trips for all the details!

Traders Point Students is on YouTube!

We released a 2-part mini interview series with a mental health therapist all about how to thrive as a teenager and as a parent of a teenager.

Students and parents can learn how to use emotions like fear, sadness, and anger to promote new kinds of creativity and engagement. Check it out on our YouTube channel!

We're ZOOMING for Catalyst!

If you don't already have Zoom, it's about to be the new way we see each other face-to-face on a weekly basis! Our goals are the same they are every week: connect to Christ and connect to community.

On Sunday nights at 7 pm, we'll be zooming by campus and break up into smaller groups within that Zoom call.

Pray Wednesday

Every Wednesday at 12:30 pm, we come together as a student ministry across all campuses to pray together on Zoom. If you need prayer and/or want to pray for others, join us as we pray together. Just click the Zoom link under "Pray Wednesday."

Subscribe to Daily Bible Reading

If you're not already signed up for Daily Bible Reading, check it out here!

We want you to have the same content that our group leaders do to help lead conversations about the message together! All of that can be found on the specific message's page. Click here for all messages!